121505: Weck Atrauclip:15 Large Titanium Clips per Cartridge

Price:$3.50 per cartridge
In Stock:0 cartridges
We currently do not have this item in stock, but we can email you as soon as it is available.
The item listed above is expired and may be used for educational, training, and non-clinical research purposes only. Any product information appearing below, including the product indication statement, pertains to an in date item only.

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Teleflex Medical is committed to solving the global challenges of the changing healthcare environment in the areas of critical care and surgical applications by providing products that are less invasive, reduce infections, and improve patient safety.

Teleflex Medical brands include: Arrow, Dekantel, Gibeck, Hudson RCI, KMedic, Pilling, Pleur-Evac, Rusch, Taut, Vasonova VPS and Weck

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